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Looking to Collect More
Voice of Customer (VoC)?

Aggregate All Existing Customer Feedback

Too many companies silo their customer feedback into different platforms and departments.

More Aggregated Data =
More Correlations and Accuracy

More voice of customer (VoC) does not simply equate to more survey results. By aggregating your existing VoC data, you will have a more accurate view of what customers are saying, no matter the channel they use.

Voice of Customer Data Aggregation Includes:  
Online Reviews
Direct Messages
Web Form Submissions
Survey Comments
Social Comments & Mentions

Generate More VoC with Reply Pro's Outreach Tools

Enigma Software template will look perfect on any device. We create a mobile-friendly interface to match all users, not only desktop clients.


Copy and paste feature will help you to reuse components for your needs.


Enigma Software template will look perfect on any device, not only desktop clients.


Lightweight and fast custom elements and components.

Send SMS &Email

Clean, carefully crafted and flexible pages will help to start faster your awesome project.

A/B Testing For Even Better Outreach

Continually test your outreach methods so they convert better.

Example of a successful A/B Test

Recently, we had a client that was using outreach SMS and emails to generate more 1st and 3rd party reviews.

After a few months, they had grown their review volume considerably; however, they noticed they wanted more Google reviews and less 1st party reviews.

We helped them create and run an A/B test so 50% of customers received the original template and 50% received a new, Google-optimized template.

Within one month, they saw a 20% increase in Google reviews.